Grief and Support

Grief is a normal response after the loss of a loved one. It's important to realize that everyone grieves differently. Some people may get over a loved one's death rather quickly, while it could take years for another. Both responses are normal. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Our bereavement specialists understand this and are here to guide you through the grieving process.


All bereavement services are free and available to everyone in the community, even if their lost loved one did not receive services from HSWV. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the Bereavement Department at 304-255-6404.

*Monthly letters – HSWV has a mailing list available for any bereaved person who is interested in receiving a monthly letter addressing various grief related topics for 13 months following their loss.

*Phone calls – HSWV offers telephone support from our Bereavement Staff. Individuals are assessed and may receive monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual  telephone calls from a bereavement professional for one year following their loss.

*Berevement Support Groups – throughout the year, 6-week support groups are scheduled for adults. These groups are facilitated by a bereavement professional and are designed to offer individuals the opportunity to come together with others who are grieving, for support and to learn strategies for managing their grief more effectively. (See below)

*Continuous Support Group –Sessions are offered on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month, 6:00-7:30 pm.  This in an opportunity to come together to share grief-related experiences and learn coping skills. (See below)

*Community Memorial Services – Each fall, HSWV hosts a memorial service in Raleigh, Summers and Wyoming Counties. Invitations are sent to families who have lost loved ones who received services from HSWV in the past year. These memorial services are also advertised in the local newspaper, and anyone from the general public is welcome to attend.

*Coping with the Holidays – This is a three-week, special topic support group for adults addressing specific grief-related issues that arise during the holiday season.

*Camp Hope – A bereavement day camp for children ages 7-17 who are coping with the loss of a significant person, where children learn coping skills for grief related experiences and will also have opportunities for lots of fun!



Bereavement Support Groups for adults ages 18 and older are held in various locations throughout the year. These groups are free and are open not only to families who have had loved ones receive care from Hospice of Southern WV, but are also available to anyone in the community who has lost a loved one through death. Sometimes dates and/or locations of these groups are subject to change, and changes may be made in the case of inclement weather. Please call our Bereavement Department at 304-255-6404 in advance to confirm the date, time and location of the group you are interested in attending.

A safe, supportive space to mourn and share

  • Gain support and education from others experiencing loss
  • A comfortable, unstructured environment
  • Free and open to anyone age 18 or older
  • Attend as many or as few sessions as you like

Second and fourth Monday of every month
6:00-7:30 pm at the Bowers Hospice House


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