Once a referral is made, our referral nurse will set up a consult for the patient and families members. A Registered Nurse will come into the home and go over all the aspects of our services and the admission criteria. Patients and their families will receive an introduction packet that has all the information and phone numbers they will need if they choose to accept Hospice services.

After the initial consultation, a formal admission visit will be scheduled. While anyone can make a referral, in order to be admitted, a physician does have to sign off on the admission. Patients can choose to have their personal physician follow them while on Hospice services or our Medical Director can follow the patient.

Only three things are necessary to complete an admission:

  • primary physician agreement that
    Hospice services are appropriate
  • patient/family election of Hospice beneift
    through Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance
  • patient meets admitting criteria