Choosing HSWV

"Calling Hospice is not 'giving up'... it is the opposite. It meant a high quality of life and care from loving, committed and thoughtful professionals."
                                                   - A Surviving Mother

Dying with Dignity

They say Hospice allows people to 'die with dignity', but what does that mean? It means that most people do not want to die in an institution, surrounded by stainless steel, machines and tubes. It means they would rather be surrounded by family and by caring professionals who give hope rather than take it away, who listen with open ears, open hearts and open minds. Hospice allows patients to face the end of their lives without the fear of dying in pain or of not being able to say 'goodbye' as they would like to.

Our foremost goal is that patients live out their days for as long as possible and in a way that is meaningful to them.